Full Biography

Annelies Gentile, MA, ACC

             photo by www.elizabethgalecke.com

Annelies was born near New York City, of European parents. Her father was born of Italian immigrants, her mother, from The Netherlands. Her family history is rich in creativity, talent and introspection.

Famous artists and visionaries sweeten both sides of the family. Her great-grand father was a famous chemist named Dr. Paul Oskar Kappelmeier. Another great-grand father, Oskar Freiwirth-Lützow was an established oil painter who painted for the Russian Czar Alexander Michealovitch, in 1890. Today, his famous work still hangs in galleries throughout Europe.

Well-known for their time, opera singers also exist on both sides. In figure, Annelies highly resembles her opera singer great-grandmother Nina Lützow, and has, on some occasions worn the opera boots her great Uncle Emerico wore on stage!

Her parents followed similar leads in their own successes, both being entrepreneur visionaries. Her father was well known for his award winning competitions and styling for the movie stars like ZaZa Gabor and Barbra Streisand. Annelies’ mother is a self-proclaimed social scientist and retired cosmetologist.

In 1992, Annelies began her career with passion and devotion. Knowing that education was the key to her success, she placed herself on the forefront of her craft and took every opportunity to learn. At 19, she began as an educational consultant for Zotos International,Matrix International and Paul Brown International. For five years she traveled across the south-east of the US and as far as Barcelona, Spain facilitating educational seminars. Simultaneously, she tapped into the theater world; designing hair, make-up and wigs for theatrical productions.  By 24, she had designed several seasons of shows, joining North Carolina Theater in 1996, as head hair and make-up department designer.

While designing and working as a free-lance artist for television, film, print and theater, Annelies continued on her path towards Broadway. Her first National Broadway Company tour was with the ‘King and I’, which then lead to work with stars like Petula Clark on ‘Sunset Blvd’ and Bernadette Peters with Annie Get Your Gun’. Here she designed several off-Broadway productions including ‘Amhal and the Night Visitors’ at Lincoln Center in NYC and ‘Imperfect Chemistry’ at the Minetta Lane Theater. In 2001 she worked on the film production, ‘The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood' with Sandra Bullock and Ashley Judd, followed by countless other films such as HBO’s ‘Iron Jawed Angles’ with Hillary Swank. 

In 2000, Annelies returned to the calm(er) life in the land of tall pines and pin oaks of Raleigh, NC. It was here that she rekindled her creativity with metalsmithing in the NC mountains and began exploring her ability to sculpt with mediums other than hair, which then resulted in several successful art shows including at the Feaerington Village Sculpture Show and the Visual Art Exchange. 

In September 2001, 9-11 rocked the reality of the world, and like many others, caused Annelies to re-evaluate her life. This, coupled with other unexpected changes in her life prompted her move to Dubai, located in the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. The experience was a journey that transformed her path, direction and passion. 

Annelies vowed to make a difference in the world in a meaningful manner. After almost a year in Dubai, she returned to the states and began to educate and inspire through her art. She created a photographic documentary on her experience in Dubai- Another side to the Middle EastHer photography became an inspirational tool to explore cultural tolerance and societal healing. She lectured for local schools, networking groups and businesses throughout the NC Triangle. Today, because of the relationships she forged, her photography still hangs in the UAE Embassy in Washington DC.

In 2005, she returned to school to complete her formal education, focusing on her BA in Creative Process/Social Change, post-graduate study in Expressive Arts (EXA) in Conflict Transformation at EGS in Saas-Fee Switzerland, and finally her MA in Health and Wellness Coaching from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. She's also an ordained minister, certified in Reiki, Hatha Yoga CYT-200, is a Health Rhythms wellness facilitator and serves as a Nature Arts Facilitator and advisor to CHER- the Center for Human Earth Restoration. 

Today, Annelies delicately combines her skills, tools, talents and experiences to coach, challenge, consult, enroll, inspire, educate and create- helping all ages, races and spaces live into their BEST.  

Annelies truly loves to helps her clients cultivate stellar sustainable change. She’s tickled to make a happy living through her gifts, sharing her life journey with her love, Greg Whitt. 

“I believe in the conductive power of creativity to change everything. By the nature of us being human, we are creative and fundamentally all connected. Somewhere along the way… we forgot our gifts and our relationships. Isn't time to remember who we are?”  

 Certified Coach  .  Consultant  .  Facilitator  .  Visionary Artist  .  Intuitive Healer