Conduit for Change

Empowering people to lead stellar change 

in their personal and professional lives; 

compassionately, creatively and mindfully.

Conduit for Change empowers people and organizations to thrive, leading from the inside out. Together, we look at the whole, not just pieces to shift what’s stuck and leverage what’s working. Unlock hidden potential, evoke excellence and ignite the genius within.

Clients are heart-centered leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations who care about the big picture. They strive to lead and be a part of positive change that honors and values inherent creativity and wholeness of people and communities.

Integrative Leadership & Empowerment Coaching . Consulting . Workshops . Seminars . Playshops . Team-building . Retreats

Experience customized experiences that are inspiring and vital occasions designed to compassionately provoke people to thrive, collaborate, communicate and live well.


Client benefits: 

clarity, focus, direction, vision & strategic planning

reduce stress & enhance work/life balance

develop a connection to inner nature & inherent potential 

gain support, accountability & take action

spark creativity, innovation & collaboration

learn to bridge communication & cultural gaps

transform what’s stuck & leverage what’s working

experience peace, purpose, joy, wellbeing & abundance

•      break old paradigms, re-frame, re-invent and raise the bar


•      deeply align with purpose and values 

•      communicate and collaborate more effectively and joyfully

What IS possible?

CHANGE your perception. 

Discover what’s possible.

 Certified Coach  .  Consultant  .  Facilitator  .  Visionary Artist  .  Intuitive Healer